Cutting Tool Honing - Edge-Prep and Polishing Media

Bel Air offers a wide selection of processing media for the honing and polishing of tools, based on our laboratory testing. At Bel Air, our motto has always been, "the simpler, the better", and we have applied that principle to our offering of edge-prep and polishing media. Process media comes in literally hundreds of compositions, sizes and geometries, so we have streamlined our selection to make it as easy as possible to find the right media for your processes.

Of course, every application varies, and special situations may require the use of non-standard process media. However, the selection shown below will accomplish 90-95% of the edge-prep and polishing requirements for most cutting tools. Bel Air can assist in determining the exact media & process required for your specific application.

Cutting Tool Honing - Edge-Prep

Below are our recommended edge-prep media (honing media) based on material type and degree of hone desired. Please refer to the chart.

Maxi Hone DC 400
D-DC 400 Maxi Hone

Our fastest and most aggressive honing media. Works well for carbide and HSS tools.

Dry Operation

White Alox B-ALOX W6 Edge-Prep

This aggressive edge-prep media is for a larger radius, and works well on all materials.

Dry Operation

Mini Hone B-ALOX-P46
B-ALOX-P46 - Mini Hone

Offers less honing in exchange for some surface finishing.
Works well for carbide and HSS tools.

Dry Operation

White Alox Small

Aggressive edge-prep similar to B-ALOX W6 (above), but for smaller radius. Works well on all materials.

Dry operation

Cutting Tool Polishing Media for Coated & Non-Coated Tools

Below are our recommended polishing media, based on material type and degree of honing. Please refer to the chart.

Maxi Polish D-WS 18 400 D-WS 18 400 - Maxi Polish

This is our highest quality tool polishing media, able to obtain the highest degree of polish possible.

Works on all types of materials and is suitable for use with both coated and non-coated tools.

Dry Process

D-WS 37 300 - Middie Polish

A general purpose medium polish media that also affords some honing capability.

Dry Operation

Walnut Media
D-WS 75-300 Polishing - Polish/Hone

This media will provide a very good polish with some edge hone. Suited for coated tools as well.

Dry Operation

Cutting Tool - Special One-Step Hone & Polishing Media
One Step Hone & Polish Media
D-WS 37-100 - One-Step Hone/Polish

This specially formulated media will provide edge-break and flute polish in a simple, one-step process on all materials, including coated tools. A very versatile time saver!

Dry Process


Sample Processing

Bel Air can provide free sample processing on your cutting tools, and quote a price for a complete system that includes everything you will need to reproduce the process we formulate for you.

Click here to download our sample process request form & policy