AutoHone™ - Robotic Honing & Polishing Machine


The Bel Air Autohone™ is a robotic honing and polishing machine that employ's Bel Air's tried-and-true Reverse Drag Finisher Technology. In the reverse drag finishing process, the process media is moving at a high rate of speed. This high speed causes the media to "stream" across the work piece. When the stream hits the work piece, it produces a high-energy "wave", much like a wave in the ocean. This process, when coupled with the infinite degree of part articulation provided by the six-axis robot allows for a complete, even and repeatable process that is not achievable by hand finishing, or other types of equipment.

This method provides for dramatically decreased process times over standard drag finishing when used for tool honing or polishing. For some items, process times as short as five seconds are achievable. The Autohone™ allows for a completely automated process requiring virtually no operator involvement.

Options such as integrated ultrasonic cleaner and air blow-off stations allow for a complete turn-key solution. Add to that our compact state-of-the-art metrology equipment to validate your results. Let us design a system to meet your needs,

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