About us...

Bel Air Finishing is a unique manufacturer and supplier of mass finishing technology. By virtue of operating a surface finishing and tumbler finishing shop for over 15 years, we have experienced the many obstacles that a company must hurdle to achieve first quality - yet cost effective - finishing of it's components. We have specialized in precision finishing of parts for jewelry manufacturing, industrial part manufacturing, cast and molded parts, electronic, stamped and extruded parts, and delicate parts for medical applications. This site deals specifically with cutting tool edge-prep, and cutting tool honing and polishing.

Bel Air begins by establishing the finishing process technology for the customer's particular application. Once the finishing process is developed to the customer's satisfaction, we integrate the proper equipment to suit the process. Bel Air manufactures it's own first-quality mass finishing equipment, and also represents manufacturers of precision finishing equipment from around the world in order to offer our customers a complete product line of mass finishing process technology, wastewater treatment equipment and precious metal recovery solutions. We select what is best for the customer and put together an integrated turnkey system that includes a precision finishing process, media, compounds, equipment and clean finishing wastewater treatment management and training.

Our Mission

Bel Air supplies total solutions to many precision finishing problems. Bel Air will provide our customers with the best available process for Mass Finishing of any industrial manufactured part. Our goal will always be to develop the optimum finishing process and then supply the finishing equipment and supplies to achieve that process. Our obligation to our customer does not end with perfect finished parts but includes a solution for processing the wastewater generated by this process.

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